Asian Wedding Photography

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As a Wedding photographer in London and Surrey I really love Asian Weddings, both in London or in others countries , I’m always very happy to attend as photographer for these unique wedding days and I’m always happy to learn and understand more about cultures and traditions different from mine, where the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception are different from western’s ones and where the number of guests can be considerably higher than usual.

The truth is that each weddings is unique and as photographer I have to fully understand not only what the Bride and the Groom want for theirs special day, but I have to exactly know how the ceremony will be run, what are the meanings behind it, the traditions behind it and the order of the events that will mark the wedding day. Vietnamese Weddings are different from Chinese Weddings, that are different from Thai, Malaysian or Indian weddings, and within each country traditions, there could be some slightly difference that make the wedding ceremony and the wedding receptions run in a different way, so, as an Asian wedding photographer, if I really want to give to the bride and the groom timeless wedding pictures, pictures that will keep theirs memories for many years to come, I really must understand theirs background and customs.

Asian Wedding Photography can be challenging to master but as photographer, after making the necessary experiences, it became a pleasure to capture the magic colours, charm and atmosphere that are unique of Asian Weddings.

Please contact me or visit the Wedding Photography page for more information about my wedding photography style, prices and samples of my work.


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London Asian Wedding Studio Photography

Asian Wedding Studio Photography
Asian Photography: Mai Bridal Photo Shoot

Mai Bridal Photography
Asian Wedding Photography ¦ Vietnam Wedding Photography

Vietnam Wedding Photography


Asian Wedding Photography: Zarina and Matthew

Zarina and Matthew
London Asian Photography: Rose and Christian

Rose and Christian
Asian Photography: Indian Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Photography


Asian Photography: Julie Bridal PhotoShoot
Julie Bridal PhotoShoot
Asian Wedding Photography: Cuong and Ngoc Vietnamese Wedding
Cuong and Ngoc
Asian Photography: Ann Bridal pre wedding photo shoot

Ann Bridal


Asian Photography: This is Love

This is Love
Asian Photography: Nguyet and Thang London Pre Wedding Photography

Nguyet and Thang Pre Wedding Photography
Asian Wedding Photography:Nguyet and Thang pre-wedding photo shoot

Nguyet and Thang


Asian Photography: Lan and Jerome Pre Wedding Studio Photography Photo Shoot

Lan and Jerome Pre Wedding Photo Shoot
Asian Photography: Lan and Jerome Traditional Vietnamese Wedding Photography

Lan and Jerome