The Fashion Experience

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1. On Arrival

+ Enjoy refreshment and drink in a relax environment.
+ One to one discussion with our stylist and photographer on the looks and styles you want to achieve and you can also browse through our portfolio for inspiration.

2. The Make-over

+ Sit back, relax and our make up artist will give you the greatest makeover and hair style, perfect for the purpose of the shoot and outfits.
+ Depends on the package you choose, there can be up to 3 different make up styles to change per day
+ Our Make-up kit contains only super quality make up brand products, plus most of them are mineral products for your best looking skin.

3. The Photoshoot

+ Our experienced photographer will make you feel comfortable to express yourself so get ready to smile and pose.
+ Don’t worry if you are inexperience, as our stylist will give you plenty of advice of how to pose to achieve the best images.
+ Our studio is equipped with professional lighting systems and facilities to give you the best quality photos.
+ You will have a chance to change at least 3 different outfits so be prepared!
+ You will have a chance to view your picture immediately after every shoot from our big screen attached to the camera system.
+ We will shoot between 30 to 50 photos for each different outfit/ look.

4. After the shoot

+ Sit back, relax and browse through all the photos taken on the day, you will have a chance to choose the best images you like
+ Our photographer will then retouch the chosen images to make you look absolutely flawless, stunning and celebrity-like.
+ All chosen retouched images will then be sent to you in a CD form or professional prints (depends on what you choose). We aim to deliver after 2 weeks of the photoshoot.

5. What to bring

+ At least 3 outfits to change and plenty of accessories.

+ Yourself and your energy as it will be an exciting day