Weddings at Hallmark Hotel

Hallmark Hotel Weddings

The Hallmark Hotel in Croydon is one of the most prestigious wedding venue in London, it provides a unique experience for you and your guests for both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.

The Hallmark Hotel  was originally the stunning Aerodrome Hotel since 1920, Hallmark Croydon has become one of the best wedding venue in London on numerous levels. It is one of the most luxury and elegant wedding venues that the Croydon has to offer with a nicely decorated garden with a beautiful water fountain making it an ideal backdrop for your formal and groups wedding photographs.

With many different impressive function rooms, the most desired  is the Amy Johnson suite, designed to allow plenty of natural to give to your special day a bright glow and enhance the warm decorated room to create a unique atmosphere that you and yours guests will enjoy.

If you are planning a small intimate wedding or if you have a big number of guest, here you can find the perfect environment for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

As wedding photographer in Croydon, I always enjoy to take pictures at the Hallmark Hotel, not only have  very elegant and welcoming suits with a lot of natural light warming up the environment, but it also have a lovely garden that perfectly complement the internal space and give more opportunities for your wedding pictures.

Below you can find some of the wedding I took at the Hallmark Hotel as wedding photographer, please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information.


Wedding Photography at Hallmark Hotel

Aduke and Ravin

Aduke and Ravin