Weddings at Q Vardis

Weddings at Q Vardis

Q Vardis is one of the most beautiful and fully featured wedding venue in London and it is a fantastic choice for your wedding reception, from small and intimate weddings, up to very large weddings with up to 480 guests.

Q Vardis  is set alongside the river Fray, with an amazingly decorated  gardens and an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, it can give you the desiderated privacy you are looking for even if in London.

As wedding photographer, I was impressed by the elegance and care of details of the reception suite, and I was happily surprise by the large beautiful garden alongside the river, it really provides a great backstage for both natural and formal wedding photos, and there is plenty of space for the groups pictures too.

The atmosphere in the wedding reception suite is elegant and charming, the level of details is impressive, and for me, as photographer, is quite easy to move around to get the most possible natural pictures. Just next to the suite there is the bar and the dancing floor, where your guest will have the time to relax and socialize, and for me there are plenty of opportunities to take many candid photos of your wedding day exacting as is flowing, so to record in the pictures the same excitement of your special day.

Just outside the suite there is the garden, where is possible to take amazing pictures of you and your guests.

In this page you can find some of the weddings I took at the Q Vardis as wedding photographer, please don’t hesitate to contact me for any firther questions. Please feel free to visit my website and my blog for more samples of my work and style of wedding photography; of course, I would be very happy to discuss with you yours requirements.

Wedding Photography at Q Vardis


Sarah and Mark London Wedding

Sarah and Mark