Weddings at St Andrews church

Weddings at St Andrews church

St Andrews church  in Orpington is one of the most beautiful and charming church wedding venues in Orpington, Bromley and London. It have a very important history, started in the 1893 when it was built and since then It had a great impact on all the nearby population, not only from Orpington but also from the nearby town.

As wedding photographer in Orpington I really love to take pictures at the St Andrews church, it is ideal for wedding ceremony, it have many beautiful features and decoration and a lovely charming lighting that will make your wedding day unique. It’s is not too big or too small, it can easily host both a big or small and intimate wedding and always keeping the same delightful perfect feeling given by the important character of this church.

It is ideal to take pictures from different angles, not only from the front but also from the back of the church is possible to get many impressive wedding photos, thanks to the really beautiful layout of St. Andrews church. Outside the church there is enough space to take wedding groups pictures and having the charming church as backdrop.

In this page you can find some of the weddings I took at St Andrews in Orpington, one of my favorite in Kent. Please keep looking at this page as I will add more weddings by time to time. You can find more samples of my work in my wedding website and in my wedding blog that I keep frequently updated with the latest weddings.


Wedding Photography at St Andrews Church Orpington


Tanya and Tom Wedding

Tanya and Tom