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St. Margaret’s Church in Chipstead, Coulsdon, is in my opinion, one of the most lovely church wedding venue in Surrey.

St Margaret’s Church has been a place of religious observance for more than 800 years. The beauty of the church as you see it today is thanks to the preservation and devotion of its congregations and to the donations of the local community. This stunning  building is at the centre of the local town and attracts many followers within its historical walls.

The St. Margaret ‘s Church was built  in the late 12th century and probably was built over an even older Saxon church. The today Church have a cruciform floor plan with a magnificent central tower.

Before the 1800 the church was in a bad condition and needed urgent repairs and restoration works that took place in the 1827 and gave to the church some of the features you can admire today, but are the works in the 1985 and then in 1993 that gave to the building the actual look.

As Wedding Photographer I took Nguyet and Thang pre wedding photography photo session at St. Margaret’s Church in Chipstead and the pictures were simply stunning, the charm and beauty of the church is amazing and made sure to always have the perfect background for the many photos I took, and the lovely green area around the building makes it an amazing church wedding venue for wedding photography in Chipstead.

In this page you can find some of the weddings I took at this wonderful church.

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Wedding Photography at St. Margaret’s Church


St. Margaret’s Church

Nguyet and Thang