Weddings at St Mary the Virgin

Weddings at St Mary the Virgin


As a wedding photographer, St Mary the Virgin in Cuddington, Sutton, is one of my favorite church wedding venue, the exterior is simply beautiful, it maintain the historical charm and architecture it was built more than 100 years ago.

The church was built in the 1895 and since then it maintain the original beauty, at the front there is a wonderful remembrance garden that open up to a path to the main side of the church.

St Mary the Virgin Cuddington is an Anglican Parish church within the Diocese of Guildford. It is also a important center for the community as it provide space for exhibitions, meetings, courses and training sessions.

Inside the Church you can feel an astonishing atmosphere and be amazed by the beautiful features, one of them is the stunning Henry Willis organ, that went for major restoration few years ago and today provides an unique sound.

I still vividly remember all the St Mary the Virgin weddings i attended as photographer, the wide mosaic windows provides a beautiful gentle light that give to the wedding ceremony a very nice glow and a lovely atmosphere, something i really like as wedding photographer, using natural light instead of flash light, allow me more creativity and give to the pictures the same natural genuine atmosphere that you can feel during the ceremony; it is really an amazing church wedding venue in Cuddington.

This page is often updated, by time to time i add more Weddings that i attended as photographer at the St Mary the Virgin Church in Cuddington, so keep watching the list of weddings below, you can click on the pictures or the name of the bride and the groom to access the photo gallery.

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