Weddings at St Mary’s Catholic Church – Croydon

Weddings at St Mary's Church

St Mary’s Catholic Church in Croydon is a wonderful and charming church wedding venue. It have a very important and long history, starting from 1863 when it was built and guided by the Parish Priest Alphonse David.

St Mary’s offers a unique environment for the wedding ceremony, rich of details and stunning decorations, this church is ideal for great wedding pictures; as a wedding photographer in Croydon I really appreciate the lovely and gentle light coming thought the decorated windows, that gives a unique character and atmosphere to the wedding ceremony that I can record in picture without the use of the flash, this makes the photos more natural and faithful.

St Mary’s Catholic Church in Croydon is definitely one of my favourite church wedding venues in Croydon and in London, it offer great features for both big wedding ceremonies  or intimate wedding ceremonies, with plenty of opportunities for natural and formal wedding pictures inside and outside the church. Even if the church is located in a busy area, the boundary between West Croydon and East Croydon, it provides a big front yard ideal for wedding photos before and after the ceremony, and it is also very accessible, both by train or by car.

By clicking on the names or images below, you can access some of the weddings I took pictures at the St Mary’s Church as wedding photographer, more will be added soon, so keep watching this page by time to time and don’t hesitate to contact me for any information.

Wedding Photography at St Mary’s Catholic Church – Croydon

Gillian and Jamie London Wedding

Gillian and Jamie