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Lan and Jerome Traditional Vietnamese Wedding Photography

Lan and Jerome Traditional Vietnamese Wedding Photography ¦ Destination Wedding Photography

Lan and Jerome Traditional Vietnamese Wedding Photography ¦ Destination Wedding Photography


As an International Wedding Photographer, Lan and Jerome Vietnamese Wedding was very emotional for me, Lan is my lovely sister in Love and Jerome is a great friend, so taking pictures at their wedding was something special and unique. After taking theirs studio pre wedding photo shoot one week before, I took pictures at theirs wedding.

Vietnamese weddings are very charming an full of traditions, they consist of many different ceremonies running in different days.

As an Asian wedding photographer, few days  before the wedding the groom’s family visit the bride’s family, offering gifts to them and to officially ask permission to receive the bride.  This is a very colourful part of the ceremony as the families wear traditional Vietnamese dresses.

Few days later, on the morning of the day of the wedding, the groom’s family return to the bride’s home, giving them gift boxes covered by red clots , inside them there usually are fruits, cakes, food, fabrics and liquor. When the groom present the gifts to the bride’s family he have granted permission to finally meet the bride.

During the ceremony is always given respect to the ancestor altar, where the bride and the groom burn incense sticks, asking for blessing and permission to the ancestors.

A formal tea ceremony follow where the bride and the groom will serve tea to theirs parents and relatives, after that the groom’s mother will put jewellery piece on the bride for good fortune.

The procession move to the groom’s house then, where the bride and the groom will pray at the ancestors altar and they will meet the groom’s relatives.

After the ceremony at the groom’s house, all the bride’s and groom’s family and friends are invited to a larger reception, usually at an hotel. Lan and Jerome had theirs fantastic wedding reception  at Melia Hotel Hanoi, one of the most exclusive hotel in Vietnam. The dinner meal was simply fantastic, Lan and Jerome had many magic moments on the stage while singing, exchanging the wedding rings and cutting the cake, moments that I will never forget and you can admire in the picture in the photo gallery below.


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Lan and Jerome Wedding Studio Photography Photo Shoot

Lan and Jerome wedding studio photography

Lan and Jerome Wedding Studio Photography Photo Shoot


I was delighted to take the pre wedding studio photography photo shoot pictures for Lan and Jerome, Lan is not only my sister in law and Jerome is not only a great friend, they are really lovely persons and together they are a fantastic couple.
The pictures in the gallery below were taken in the Lavender Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam, one week before theirs wedding; it have been a great day, we had a lot of fun during the photo shoot and a good occasion to spend an afternoon together.  Continue reading and view the pictures

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Vietnamese Wedding Reception gallery update

Few weeks ago i have posted an article about the pictures i took during a Wedding in Vietnam, please read the original post for more information about the wonderful Vietnamese Wedding ceremonies.

As Wedding Photographer this was a fantastic experience that made me fully understand the charming traditional Vietnamese Wedding Ceremony.

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Vietnamese Wedding gallery update

I have added some pictures to the Cuong and Ngoc Wedding  gallery. As described in the previous post Vietnamese Weddings consists of different ceremonies, bringing the bride to the groom’s house is one of them.

To find more information about Vietnamese Weddings and look at the updated wedding photo gallery, please have a look at the previous post.

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Cuong and Ngoc Vietnamese Wedding

As an International Wedding Photographer i often travel in Europe and in Asia, last month i went to Vietnam, for a very special occasion, the wedding of my wife’s cousin. It was a fantastic traditional Vietnamese Wedding, full of emotions, traditions and charm. The Vietnamese wedding usually consists of different set of ceremonies: asking permission to the family of the bride, meeting the bride at her house, and take the bride to the groom’s house. After the ceremonies there is a wedding reception to allow the guests to greets and welcome the Bride and Groom.

I have started to organize the pictures i took at the groom’s house before going to the bride’s house.

It was a very exciting morning, organizing all the details for the procession to the Bride’s house.

Arrived at her house, more traditional ceremonies started to take places, it is very fascinating to see how they develop and understand the meaning of those ceremonies, so if you are interested please let me know, i will write more about them.

It was fantastic to see Cuong and Ngoc together as Bride and Groom, they are a wonderful couple and I’m sire they will have a very bright future together.

In the gallery below there are some of the pictures taken at the groom’s house before the wedding and at the bride’s house during the wedding ceremony. I will add more picture soon about the wedding ceremonies at the groom’s house and about the wedding reception.

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