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I have started to work  as Wedding Photographer in Italy about fifteen years ago, since then I have been traveling quite often in Europe  capturing many wedding ceremonies. Now that I live in UK I still receive booking from other European countries and also from some Asian countries so I also specialize in Asian wedding photography. As international wedding photographer I have now a good experience with many different wedding styles and different wedding ceremonies, different countries mean different cultures and I’m always more than happy to adapt my shooting style to the requirements of that culture.

Destination Photography - Asian Wedding Photographer

I’m mainly a photojournalist wedding photographer  but I’m always more than happy to take any style of pictures I’m asked for, it happen quite often with Asian weddings to have  a dedicated wedding location photography session, and I would like to show here some examples.

During one of my trip to Vietnam, I took pictures during a Wedding location session, I  took many photos at different locations but i will show here only few of them due to an agreement with the bride.

Enjoy the view of the below gallery

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