Indian Wedding Photographer

Jinal and Harsh Wedding was a lovely intense and emotional Asian Indian Wedding.

I started to get pictures from the early morning to late afternoon and have enjoyed every minute of it, the colours, the atmosphere, the Bride  and Groom  kindness were very charming.

Indian Wedding are quite challenging, there are different rituals happening in different places at almost the same times so it’s require a very good timing to catch them all but knowing exactly what is going to happen make it easier to catch all the most important wedding moments and emotions; yes, attending the Wedding as photographer require a lot of study and a lot of understanding  of the traditions especially if it is a foreign culture Wedding, I’m very attracted  from those so for me became quite easy learn how the ceremony develop and understand Bride and Groom need and taste, of course many years of experience also help a lot but knowing exactly what the new couple want from the wedding pictures allow me to give them something unique.

In the below gallery there are few pictures from that day.

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