Destination Wedding Photography – Italian Wedding Photography

Having started to work as Wedding Photographer in Italy about 15 years ago and having attended as photographer to hundreds Weddings, made my name quite popular over there and give me the opportunity to receive many wedding photography booking from Italy every year even now that i live in London.

Destination Wedding Photography - Italian Wedding Photography

I would like to show some pictures of one Wedding i took in Italy some years ago.

What a remarkable day. Wedding  ceremonies are wonderful events, full of vibrant colours, ritual and emotion. Giulia and Massimo, along with all their guests, had a wonderful day.

I started to get pictures that Saturday at about 7:30 am at the Bride’s home, then took photos for the full church wedding ceremony  and finished my service  at about 10 pm after a very long reception.

Please, have a look at some of the pictures taken that day in the below wedding galley.

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