Rose and Christian London Reportage Wedding Photographer at Islington Town Hall

As London Wedding Photographer the beginning of 2011 have been kept me quite busy  as photographer and especially as wedding photographer, I have so many pictures to handle and many wedding  album to print that often I don’t have even the time to select some wedding pictures to publish in this blog.

I love to work as wedding photographer, I enjoy to post process the wedding pictures and design the wedding album for the bride and the groom, it’s very time demanding but it’s so rewarding to receive positive feedback from them that really pay off all the nights spent working for their special day.
Well, the Wedding day is something very special and be part of it as photographer is something unique.
In the gallery below there are very few pictures taken from Rose and Christian Wedding. It was a very lovely long day spent with them, from the bridal makeup in the morning, to the reception in the late afternoon, I really enjoyed every minute spent to take pictures for them. The Wedding ceremony was held at the lovely Islington Town Hall Wedding Venue, one of the most attractive and flexible venues for weddings.

Thanks to Mai for the great Bridal Make Up

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