Martha and Luca Islington Town Hall Wedding Photography

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Martha and Luca Islington Town Hall Wedding Photography


Martha and Luca Islington Town Hall Wedding Photography: It have been an amazing day, Martha and Luca wedding was a real special day, rich of emotions and beautiful details. It have started at the beautiful and elegant Hazlitt’s Hotel in Soho, London, one of the most luxury hotel London wedding venue, where I was attending as photographer to start to get pictures just after the bridal preparation. The Hazlitt’s Hotel is very rich of details and charm, with very bright windows in some rooms and an elegant lighting in others, we enjoyed to get some pictures before moving to the Islington Town Hall for the wedding ceremony.

The Islington Town Hall is an amazing wedding venue, ideal for wedding photography, rich of elegance and style, was the perfect venue for Martha and Luca wedding ceremony, who found themselves in a perfect environment for theirs special day.

As Wedding Photographer I really enjoyed Martha and Luca wedding at the Islington Town Hall, they are a fantastic couple together and the many guest gave the perfect background to this unique day. This wedding venue have a lot of charm, elegance and style, the lighting is very gentle and ideal to create the right atmosphere, large windows are present in some of the rooms, that allows to get many beautiful pictures using natural light that usually produce nicer and more pleasant image compared pictures taken with the flash, even if I have to say that after many years of experience, I can handle the flash very well and make sure the final look of the photos is the most natural possible in both outdoors and indoors wedding venues.

In the wedding photo gallery below you can find some of the pictures taken during Martha and Luca special wedding day, and feel free to leave a comment 🙂



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  1. Ian Baker May 11, 2013 at 17:24 #

    Looks like a great weeding and lovely colours, Well done, Ian

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